Doing a bicycle tour with kids in Bangkok

Cycling in Bangkok with kids

Bicycle tours are an excellent way for your family to explore Bangkok. You get a feel for a new territory, the smells & sights, culture, history and the locals. Those are not possible from a coach bus, Tuk Tuk or Taxi.

Added bonus for the parents: Plenty of activity during the day means tired kids at night!

Choosing the perfect bicycle tour for your family

Which of our bike tours would be excellent for your family? First you will need to consider doing a GPS/Self-guided or guided tour.

GPS/Self-guided or guided?

Some families enjoy the independence of a GPS/Self-guided tour. This allows you to ride at your own pace and make stops where you want (breakfast, Lunch, snacks, sights). GPS-guided bicycle tours are also much friendlier to your wallet. Prices starting from 800 Baht for 2 followed by 300 baht per extra bicycle rented. And of course Helmets, Locks, Lights are all included.

Most Parents with younger kids agree that a GPS/Self-guided tour would allow for more freedom which is important when tiny bladders and bellies are involved. You are not struggling to keep up with a group you can take a break when needed should the kids get tired at one of the sights along the way!

Your family may appreciate a guided bicycle tour, where a group cycles together, with our excellent and family friendly guides. Being far away from home and in unknown territory families might feel most comfortable riding with a local bicycle guide.

All of our tours are available private guided, which means you and your family would have your own guide for the duration of the bike tour. This is the best option for families with younger kids who still want a guided experience to discover Bangkok. We normally charge extra for private guided tours but if nothing else is on for the day we happily let the extra fee slip as we know you would appreciate this.

Dedicated bicycle paths in Bangkok

Safety is a priority for all parents and dedicated bike paths are any parents dream when exploring a city. Bangkok does not have dedicated bike paths however we do have the back roads and small alleys where cars are not welcome or simply won’t fit through. The law in Thailand states that all roads shall be shared equal and this can lead to some pleasant surprises as Bangkok motorists are very patience. Most of the routes are free of fast moving traffic and causes no reason for concern at all.

Which bike-tour should we go for as a family?

Kids of any age have joined us and I am always surprised about the confidence some of them have. You can’t prejudge from a booking sheet so we always encourage families to come in a bit earlier to see what suits them best.  If you don’t like the heat go for the Go BLACK tour. If you want to explore and see more, combined with lots of activities for small children, go for the Go RED tour. At the end of the day it’s about the safety for you and your family. The guides will certainly adjust tours to make them suitable as the pre-routed GPS tour gives you more freedom. They choice is yours to make but we are most happy to help you in making the best decision.

See what some of the kids have to say about our tours:

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