It’s Cold in Bangkok – Bring a Jacket

Chilly weather in Bangkok

So you packed your suitcase and looking forward for the warmth to come. Left home within the sub-zero temperatures and longing for the Hot Weather Thailand has on offer.

You get on your plane and wave goodbye to the cold, longing for the beach, while sipping your favorite cocktails. Over the next hours while in flight to Bangkok you be dreaming about wearing your newest summer outfit as soon as you step out of your plane. Your first 2-3 days in Bangkok are planned and you are really looking forward to the Bike Tour or Cooking class you have booked. Can’t wait for your trip to one of the Newest and most talked about Sky Bars all around town.

So far so good! Until you get of your plane……. First thing you will notice is the chilly temperature which is rather unusual for Bangkok!

Don’t worry, your holidays will still be great and yes you will be sipping your cocktails on the beach. Bangkok has a cold spell for the coming few days and just in a few moments they joy for the locals to once be able to sleep without turning on the airconditioners at night will all be over and live goes back to normal with temperatures hovering around a steady 32 Celsius.

So what is to come for the next few weeks while the cold spell last? Well, it will definitely be colder up in the north of Thailand with temperatures at night hovering around ZERO. The prediction for Bangkok is that the cold spell will last for about 10 days with temperatures between 15-27 Celsius on average. And for the south with all its Island and tropical beaches? Just as always. Sunny and Warm!

Enjoy your Holidays but bring a Jacket with you!

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