Go Red - Guidepad™ Bangkok Culture Tour

You’ll get to explore the beautiful flower gardens and exhibitions of the
fantastic Princess Mother Memorial Park

Starting with an exploration through a charming Muslim neighbourhood this awesome Go Red Guidepad™ Tour then progresses on to the first stop of the day, right on the river, The Old Customs House. The earliest travellers used to stop here before entering Thailand and it is a fantastic place to begin your tour!

Once refreshed, you’ll start to journey up through the network of intricately laced streets that all come together to create Bangkok’s lively Chinatown. Following the clear directions on the Go Guidepad™ you’ll confidently navigate the different streets, cultures and temples that make up this exciting part of the city.

When you’ve absorbed all the culture from Chinatown, you’ll hop on the ferry and cross the mighty Chao Phraya River and carry on your tour experiencing the remarkable Thonburi side of the river. While there you’ll get to explore the beautiful flower gardens and exhibitions of the fantastic Princess Mother Memorial Park and after you will have the opportunity to discover the stunning Wat Prayoon, Wat Kalayanamitr and Wat Aroon temples.

Just when you have seen all the culture and temples you can manage, it’s just a short trip back to the Go Tours HQ to wind down and talk about the tour with your group. There are plenty of free soft drinks, or you can even purchase a refreshing beer or two.

With the Go Guidepad™ leading the way and the option to stop and refresh at any time, this ride is relatively easy and therefore suitable to people of all ages.

Please note that when cycling without a guide insurance is not included. You can purchase insurance separately if you wish for the sum of Baht 50.- which will cover you for personal accident, personal liability and medical expense.

Q. Are bookings required?
A. Bookings are required due to a limited number of Guidepads™ available for the Go Red tour. Since you are without a guide the group size is unlimited.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?
A. We do not have a cancellation policy in place since we do not take money up front to join us.

However in case you do wish to cancel we would appreciate if you could notify us at least 24 hours before the tour so that we could possibly give your booking to others that might want to join.

Q. Does the Go Guidepad™ Red Tour run all year round?
A. Yes this self-guided tour runs all year around.

Rain or Shine and based on availability. Please contact us should you not be sure.

Q. Where should we meet for the tour?
A. All tours depart from our convenient located HQ very close to the Taksin BTS (Sky Train) station. For map and more info please click HERE

Q. Is the Go Red Guidepad™ self-guided tour difficult ?
A.Since it is a Guidepad™ self-guided tour there is no rush to follow the guide.

Stop when you like or even turn around when you feel you’ve had enough.

Please note that you are guided by GPS signals and you WILL get lost at times. This is part of the Guidepad™ adventure. But no worries, you will always find your way back on track. The computerized maps can’t be fooled.

Q. What happens if it rains during the Tour?
A. You are in charge during the ride rain or shine. A poncho is provided for all that join you on the Guidepad™ tour.

However in Bangkok it does normally not rain longer than 10-20 minutes during the rainy season. The choice is yours to make.

Q. Do we stop for lunch?
A. You can stop anywhere you like since you are using the Guidepad™.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner the choice is yours.

Please make sure the bikes are locked with the locks provided with Guidepad™ removed from the Handlebars.

Q. Does the Guidepad™ self-guided tour end at the HQ?
Yes the Guidepad™ will guide you to the HQ at the end of your ride.

Q. Can we go inside the sites that we visit?
Yes if possible you can enter the sites that you visit. Please note that certain places do charge a small amount to enter. Also ferry crossings charge money to use.

Q. Can we take pictures during the self-guided tour?
Of course you can shoot pictures or vdo’s during the tour.

Please be discrete though and ask if you can take pictures should people be involved in the shoot you are about to take.

Q. Is there a space to keep bags and/or small luggage?
Yes we have lockable storage lockers available at the HQ in which you can store items you do not wish to take during your ride. Please note that should you lose the key we will charge a small replacement key fee of 50,- Baht.

Q. Can I bring my own bicycle on the Go Guidepad™ self-guided tour
You are welcome to bring your own bicycle and will receive a discount of 25% of the Total Tour Price.

Q. Do you have kids bicycles and baby seats?
We do have a few kids bikes and baby seats available for the Go Guidepad™ tour.

Please note that your kids will need to be comfortable cycling as you will have no assistance of a guide on the self-guided tour. If you are not sure about your kids ability to cycle on the Bangkok roads please come in before the tour start and simply try out our bikes available for a free trial.

Q. Do you offer tandem bicycles?
No. We do not provide Tandems on our tours for the simple reason that you would not be able to make turns along some of the small and narrow paths & alleyways.

Q. Are safety helmets available for the Guidepad™ tour?
Bicycle helmets are provided however you are not compelled by law to wear helmets in Thailand.

We do encourage people to do wear helmets though.

Q. Are drinks/ snacks supplied for during the Go Guidepad™ self-guided tour?
No. You will have to supply your own drinks and snacks however you will receive one bottle of water before you set off.

Q. How do we pay for the tour?
At the HQ you pay the Bicycle & Guidepad™ rental fee before the start of your adventure.

You will also have to sign a rental agreement and leave us with a copy of your passport(s).

Q. How is the Go Guidepad™ self-guided Red Tour price being calculated?
The total price depends on the amount of participants in your group.

E.g. If 4 people of your group join for the Full Day Guidepad™ tour the bicycle rental is 500 baht per person and the Guidepad™ rental fee is 200 baht. Divided by 4 equals 50 baht so your total price will be 550 Baht per person.

Q. How many people need to join this tour?
Since its self-guided with a Guidepad™ there is no minimum to start.

You can come on your own or bring friends and family.

Q. Any further questions?
We will gladly answer any further questions you may have. You can use the Go Bangkok Tours chatbox below or email us HERE

Price: ฿300 bicycle rental per person – ฿200 Guidepad rental per booking
Time: Available daily from 8.am
Distance: 17 km
Start and Finish: Go HQ

Guaranteed to get lost or confused
7 inch Tablet with route info
Decent tire wear
Heaps of Fun
No annoying guide
DIYSun Tan (if no rain)
Bottled water before the start of your adventure
Helmets/ Locks/ Cycle Bag to store small items
City or Mountain bike

Plenty of humor
Being relaxed case you get lost
Know how to operate a bicycle bell
Android knowledge
With that said we will take care of the rest!

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Have Fun!